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March 8th, 2003

...sooner than later...

I played Flee's house again. This time with Chris and James as THE SATISFYING FEW. Flee only has one band these days, S.I.C.K. (Society Is Creating Killers). They played 1st. We played 2 sets next and then they played again. To bad HUGH MANITEE brought 2 cases (I'm from Ontario, that is 48 beers not 24 you BC wussies) because he was such a drunken sot. See video if you can...

Set 1
Static Overview
Treble! Treble!
I Wanna Be A DJ For The WU-Tang Clan
Tuning Song
Angry Dying Wasp
Mexican Caravan
Punk Rock Blues
Drumstick, Snarekick Blues
Olympia Starlight
See Through Blues

Set 2
2nd Hand Kotton
Mexican Snowboard
Time B4 Time
Low Battery
Beastial Fury
Ancient Chinese Secret