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April 7th, 2004 @ The Cambie in Esquimalt
We jam on Wednesdays normally sooo...
After finding out there is an open stage that supplies the drums and
amps on said jam night at THE CAMBIE in Esqimalt,
LOST IN THE QUAGMIRE decides to unleash its brand of
Punkadelic Armpit Jazzcore Boogie on public ears.
Hosted by what I believe is FAT LINE, 
(Because the bass player is this guy I know named Nick Cock...)
started the night off on an OK foot.
Due to the "Plug And Play" nature of the jam the next guys up were 
"Bar Rock Kings" THE OSCILLATORS followed up by 
"3 guys who know a couple of covers so let's play" THE TROUBLE SHOOTERS.
Witnessed maninly by Jenny Keyes, we played and "blew the roof off of the dump" as they say...

Then FAT LINE played again but does it matter? 

Set List
Zero Return
Pueblo Canyon
Hollow Stars
See Through Blues > Katie Kantrow > See Through Blues
The Lung