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April 5th, 2003

James lives downstairs from me in the same Duplex. He threw a birthday party for his co-worker Yvonna. She turned 49, we played ALL NIGHT LONG, and Stickus (My tech support) took the birthday girl home...
NOTES: Set 6/Song 1 - Original SF gtr Jimi Discharge wanted to play blues and continually hassled us until...
CL - Bass / Jimi - Gtr / James - Drum / Xero - Vox
Set 6/Song 2 - after that jam the other original SF gtr "Howlin' Mad" Moe Chunks comes up and takes the microphone and I take the bass. The ORIGINAL SATISFYING FEW is on stage...
Moe - Vox / Jimi - Gtr / James - Drum / Xero - Bass
Set 7's version of Mexican Snowboard has me on bass and Chris on gtr. Some asshole who I don't know and have never seen (again even) was trying to get on the microphone during this entire song hence...
Set 7/Song 2 - Improv'd on the spot with asshole singing. Chris doesn't even remember playing it (and wouldn't believe it if not for the tapes.)!

Treble! Treble!

Set 1
Static Overview

Set 2
See Through Blues > Katie Cantrow > See Through Blues
Tuning Song
Angry Dying Wasp
Drumstick, Snarekick Blues
The Shah Sleeps In Lee Harvey's Grave

Set 3
Fucking Sonic I > Mexican Snowboard
Time B4 Time
Big Deal
2nd Hand Kotton > Fucking Sonic II > Beastial Fury
Love Buzz
Ancient Chinese Secret > Fucking Sonic III

Set 4
Already Broken
Olympia Starlight

Set 5
Mexican Snowboard
Wendy's (Sucks More Than Ever)
Mexican Caravan
Angry Dying Wasp
Punk Rock Blues > The Captain Says It's Alright!

Set 6
Showboat Blues
The Satisfying Blues

Set 7
Mexican Snowboard
Move Over Loudmouth
See Through Blues